I’m Necole owner and stylist at Griffin Designs. I received my BS in Interior Design in 1993, but my love of design started long before.

As a child, I loved to draw. I would sit for hours and draw house plan after house plan. I remember studying my dad’s drawings that were used to build our house. Seeing that plan on paper come to life sparked a fascination in me that still motivates me in my daily work.

Ever since I was old enough to physically slide dressers, beds, sofas, and chairs, I would rearrange the furniture in all the rooms in our home. The game of figuring out how to make all the pieces fit while using them in different areas was so much fun to me! Only one piece of furniture was untouchable, that was Dad’s 1968 Lazy Boy – it was stationary. However, as times changed so did the Lazy Boy, now it sits recovered as one of many sentimental pieces displayed in my home.

I am sentimental and enjoy encouraging my clients to repurpose treasured items in their spaces. So much inspiration can be drawn from heirlooms and other items with importance to you. It’s so fulfilling to see all, “your stuff” working together to create a well-appointed home rather than working against you to create clutter. My goal as a designer is to help showcase your treasures while creating a space that is inspiring and functional for your daily life.


Every good project starts with a discussion. Part of my job is learning how you live and what matters most to you. After identifying your goals, I will make suggestions and will serve as a guiding partner between you and every specialist needed to make ideas come to life. That means I will be the bridge between you, architects, builders, upholsters and tailors accomplishing your ideas seamlessly.

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I am a full service interior designer with a passion for creating functional and inspiring spaces. I assist both residential and commercial clients with space planning, repurposing old furnishings and finding the perfect new addition to their home or office. When creating a space, I work hand in hand with all contractors, upholsterers and tailors to ensure the highest results come at no extra work for my clients. As a designer I understand that every client has different needs, that’s why I offer custom drapery and upholstery and oversee all installations.

Moving or remodeling can be an overwhelming process, that’s why I offer assistance throughout the process. I aid in choosing new items such as: paint colors, plumbing fixtures furnishings, light fixtures, flooring, counter and cabinet solutions and exterior finishings.

Even if your project isn’t as vast as redesigning a space, little details can still seem overwhelming. I can complete projects such as hanging art and placing accessories with no extra hassle to you.